You can enjoy the art of some of the many beautiful pieces, including Chanel jackets, Gucci blouses and Sarah Alexander prints that I’ve worked on.  These are photographs of pieces I’ve worked on sold by FineArtAmerica.  FineArtAmerica does a wonderful job in giving you the ability to print these on a wide variety of media and products.

My personal favorite is their canvas prints.  They also do a wonderful job with wood and metal prints.  Or you can print these on a coffee mug, t-shirt, notebook cover, all kinds of things!  I make these available for your enjoyment.  95% of the cost is FineArtAmerica’s price.  I’ve only added from $1-$10 per piece depending on size, so these really are for your personal enjoyment – what I make on these is good for an extra cup of coffee once a week or so!