Versace Jacket - Button Replacement

Button replacement on a Versace jacketReplacing the button on this beautiful Versace jacket was amazing! There is so much going on here that you might not necessarily see upon first glance. 

But take a closer look (you can click on the image for a larger version). Notice that I used two colors of thread to attach the button. The two colors perfectly match the colors of the jacket’s fabric. All the buttons on this jacket are sewn with both the pink and white threads, so when you replace them you have to do the same – or the garment will no longer retain its authenticity. When restoring luxury garments, authenticity is the top priority so every detail has to be noted and followed. Keeping everything exactly as it was originally designed to be is my main job when it comes to repairing and restoring high-end garments.

The colors and weight of the threads aren’t the only important elements of keeping a garment true to its original design. There are two other elements. If you click and enlarge the photo, you’ll be able to see that I sewed these new threads through the exact same holes that the original threads were sewn in. There are no new holes here. You never want to create new holes when you’re restoring vintage luxury garments. You always want to use the original holes. This not only keeps the garment perfectly authentic, but it also keeps it beautiful and clean. 

And one last thing: do you see how the button is not sewn in tightly? It’s not sewn as close to the jacket as it could be. That’s on purpose because that’s how Versace (and many designers) does buttons. They leave a little play so buttons appear to “dance” on the garment. It also makes it easier to button and unbutton the jacket when you’re wearing it. 

To restore expensive luxury garments you have to be aware of all these details and you have to take the time to insure each one of them is implemented into your repairs. If you don’t, not only will the garment lose some of its authenticity, it will also not be as beautiful as it was originally designed to be. 

It's all about finding the right threads, buttons and...

Replacing buttons on normal everyday garments is a cinch. Just find a button that comes close to the right style and color along with thread that’s similar in color and weight, then sew it on however you like.

But replacing buttons on luxury designer garments is an art. It starts with custom shopping to find exactly the right buttons and threads. No off-the-shelf materials here.

I spend a good deal of time in the New York Garment District each week looking for exactly the right buttons for the garments I’m working on that week. And just as important as the buttons are the threads. Getting exactly the right color and weight of thread is vital. It must match the original exactly.

After getting just the right buttons and the perfect thread, there’s one more thing to be done before the restoration is perfect. Buttons have to be sewn on using the exact same stitch pattern, the same amount of slack or tautness and the exact same holes the designer used when it was first created. That’s how you keep a designer garment authentic after repairs. 

Reweaving Chanel

I love restoring vintage Chanel garments – taking them from a state of complete ruin and giving them a brand new life! It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world bringing these beautiful garments back to life!

Damaged fur coat

This fur coat had some serious damage. One tip for fur owners – please never put tape on your fur coat to mark the spot! I have so many clients who do this, thinking it will help me see the damage. But tape will always do further damage. It’s impossible to get it off without pulling out some of the fur. I’ll have no problem finding the damage without the tape – especially when it’s this much! 


Restoring these beautiful chinchilla furs is one of my greatest pleasures. The work is all done by hand, slowly, with great care and painstaking thoroughness.

Known for its quintessential slate-blue grey color, chinchilla is one of the most prized and expensive furs in the world. It is exquisitely soft and incredibly beautiful and a real pleasure to work with. 

This is one I recently restored. It was torn in several places and I was able to successfully restore it to its original condition.

Restoring Torn Mesh on Beautiful Red Valentino Dress

Restoring torn mesh is something we excel in. I was able to restore this mesh to its original condition and you can’t tell it was ever torn. 

Also, as I mentioned above about furs, never put any kind of tape on mesh to mark the location of a tear. Removing the tape, no matter how careful you are always risks tearing it even more. It’s better to simply tell the tailor the location of the tear(s). 

White Leather Fendi Jacket - in Trouble

This beautiful white leather Fendi jacket was brought into me by a very special client. She was distraught because she thought she might have to throw the whole jacket out because the ribbonette on the collar and sleeves had become so dirty.

She had taken it to the dry cleaners but was told the process for cleaning the ribbonette was quite different from the process of cleaning leather. They told her if they used the process for cleaning the ribbonette that it would destroy the leather. And if they used the process for cleaning the leather, it would have no effect on the ribbonette.

So, she brought it to me and asked if there was anything I could do. I told her yes, that we could simply replace the ribbonette. However, this made her nervous because she wanted it to look exactly like the original design by Fendi. She wanted the jacket to keep its authenticity.

In order to do this, I first had to shop and source the material for the ribbonette to get an exact match. Then I had to painstakingly sew it on using the exact same holes that Fendi used. You definitely do not want a bunch of new holes on a beautiful jacket like this one. You want to keep this super clean and the only way to do that is by not creating any new holes. 

In the end the client was wonderfully happy and that’s what I live for! The smile that comes across a client’s face when they recognize and appreciate beautiful work. 

Restoring Mesh on an Oscar de la Renta Gown

This stunning Oscar de la Renta gown was all but ruined because of a large tear in the mesh on the front. It took a lot of delicate handwork to restore but the end result made all the hard work well worth it.