I specialize in alterations and restorations on high-end luxury clothing. Restoring luxury garments is very different than alterations work. When restoring designer garments, the key thing is, authenticity… keeping the garment authentic to the designer’s original intent. 

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To do this involves much care and exacting attention to detail. 

My prices here are slightly different from those on my regular alterations work. That’s for several reasons: 

  • Designer luxury garments require much greater attention and care be paid to every detail;
  • A higher level of knowledge, expertise and experience is necessary. Including a great deal of knowledge about each individual designer and the unique ways each of them does things. When I restore a luxury designer piece this knowledge helps me keep everything authentic to how the original designer created it;
  • It simply takes more time because most of the work I do on these pieces is by hand.

Each high-fashion designer has their own signature or trademarks that go into each article of clothing they create. To restore high-end clothing like this to as-near original condition as possible, you want the piece to retain all the marks that make it authentic to its designer’s style. Restoring a garment in an authentic way requires a detailed knowledge of how each designer thinks and the unique trademarks and signatures they leave in each of their pieces. 

Restoration Pricing

It’s not possible to give an exact price here for any individual piece that you as a client might bring to me. But here is my price list to give you a general idea of how much various types of restoration work costs.

These are the brands We typically work On: